Attention, the information below is valid for the year 2023. Wait for current information about free zones approx. 2 months before the festival. (but there won’t be big changes)


We agreed with the city representatives on an extra 9 zones in the center, where everyone will get a chance. Anyone who wants to play, juggle or present any art, just choose a place marked as a free zone on the festival map (it will be soon;-) and if it is really “free” at that moment, they can perform there for up to 60 minutes and choose money from people into the hat.


These zones will not be supplied by sound system, there will be no access to electricity (by us) = “real” busking. In case of complications, when a busker drags out his time in front of you and you really can’t come to an agreement with him, try to find another free zone. It is not within our power to coordinate and, above all, to guard individual buskers. However, if there is a problem from the city police regarding the occupation, come to our information stall, where everything will be resolved. However, this situation should not occur, as the local police should also have information about all places where production is permitted. Every performer must comply with the so-called Busker Code published on our website The zone will not be physically marked on the spot, it is important in this case to respect the festival map, where each zone will be marked with a point and a number. If you stand outside this point (significantly outside), there is a risk of a fine from local police officers.


Yes, it is possible at the email: However, the capacity for bookings is limited to 20 buskers, where each day a certain 5 buskers will have their playing time in the best free zone near local theatre. We primarily offer this option to buskers who was not selected in to the festival’s main program. So we apologize in advance if the reservation will be no longer possible.


Before the festival, watch the current program (which will be published approx. a week before the festival), where the program regarding reserved places and times will be published at the free zone called Smetanka. If a busker with a reservation comes to play in his place and someone else is already there at the agreed time, the busker without a reservation must leave the zone and look for another free spot. A specific map of the festival, including other free zones, will be published about 14 days before festival starts.

End of reporting and good luck to everyone!