The basic and main purpose of the association is to contribute with its own activities to the achievement of general well-being and public benefit across various fields.

Culture, art, education and training, social and public cultural development, cultivation and improvement of interpersonal relations and public space, support and development of science, development and research, sports, health and healthy lifestyle, environmental protection and other cultural and social interests.

  • Company name: CONEXIS z.s.
  • Identification number: 03863816
  • Registered office address: Žlutická 1630/30, Bolevec, 323 00 Pilsen
  • Date of creation and registration: Registered on March 27, 2015
  • File number: L 7259 kept at the Regional Court in Pilsen


Jan Šinko

dramaturgy, booking, social sites, creative zones, exhibitions

+420 731 830 456

Ondřej Brzický

technical support

+420 721 802 068

Pavel Výška

visual, sales stalls, outdoor promotion

+420 724 786 921

In addition to the organizers from the organizations above, a number of other cultural enthusiasts and volunteers collaborate at the festival, without whom the festival would not be possible at all…