Ane Bjerkan (Norsko)

  • 27.4.2018
  • By Pilsen Busking Fest
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indie / folk / pop

Ane Bjerkan's sounds feature pop and folk flavoured with jazz, delivered with lovely, soulful vocals and evocative melodies. After almost a decade in the underground scene in Norway playing with different indiebands, Ane Bjerkan released her debut album «Nothing but cherry blossoms from now on» late 2017 and the EP «Winter Grit» February 2018. Ane and her band is producing new music autumn, and the song Still with a musicvideo made by Mira Wickman will be released January 2019 on the oslo based label Pisco Records.

«Sometimes you just need a reminder of how beautiful and fragile the world can be. Norwegian singer/songwriter Ane Bjerkan's latest track 'Cherry Blossoms' is a perfect example of this, with its powerful simplicity slightly reminiscent of Nico's Desertshore neo-classicalism (yet with a much less darker undertone)»